GUYS outing!!

i hate GUYS’ outing!! damn bad one…!! bluff me one!! dear was supposed to bring me out tonight to his friend’s birthday party… then suddenly he said it is gonna be a guys’ night… ahduh~!~!~!~!~!!! someone please check it out for me!! damn bad!! BLUFF ME ONE!! sure got girls one, i dont care!! duh~~~ and now i have to find my own entertainment tonight!! damn shittie one!! =(

somemore asked me to do my TUTORIAL!! deng!! hahahaha… I WILL DO IT!! no worries!!



oh man!! i didnt know that christmas is around the corner, till today i gotta look for today’s date while filling in some enrolment forms thingie… it’s already 16th december man!! but still dont have programs for my christmas celebration yet man!! how sadddzzz…

is anyone going to have fun with me? hmmm… who? sadly that my buddies are not around… hmmm… will it be a homely christmas celebration? hahahahaha… really no idea man~~ can i actually wish for christmas pressiez? heheehe… give me sometime… i will LIST it out then please send this URL to Mr. Santa korkor ok!! =) hmmm… or maybe i should wish for the person that i am gonna celebrate with? hmmm…

on the other hand, i am feeling stressed out!! duh~~ guess what, i have an assignment due 24th december!! my godz!! christmas’ eve assignment!! duh~~~!!! oh well, luckily it’s before the celebration, else i will have to rush like a mad cow after partying!! but… i dont think that i will be at some happening places like CLUBS… it’s gonna cost a BOMB and also gonna be exploded ANYTIME~~ *phew*


sometimes… i hope that people can treat me nice but also afraid of people treating me nice… as when people treating me nice, i dont know how to differentiate whether it’s a REAL nice or FAKE nice… i tend to enjoy how nice people treat me… but, when it comes to the truth where the nice is FAKE… or the nice has gone… i seriously dont know how to face the truth!!

and i am always blur… who actually treating me nice for real? and long lasting? i dont know… sometimes i really hope that people can just treat me as bad as possible… so that i need not to be happy at first then be sad at the end…

although i know what’s the ending will be… i still put hope on it… hoping that there will be miracle someday later… and keep giving hopes to myself… till the end… it hurts me =)

recalling the last time i cried coz of sadness in the past… maybe half a year ago… and now the recent one…

Love And Freedom

i first heard this song on the plane… and i found that the lyric was so meaningful~~ and i decided to get it as my FAMILY’s ringtone~!! keekekeke…

Love & Freedom
曲 : 温 力 铭 词 : 温 力 铭 / 张 鳗 鱼

每 日 一 朝 早 个 个 都 会 拿 份 报 纸
看 看 有 没 有 新 闻 仲 有 什 么 故 事
看 来 看 去 只 有 离 家 出 走 四 个 字
究 竟 是 不 是 报 纸 印 错 还 是 我 不 识 字

其 实 是 不 是 社 会 越 来 越 多 事
搞 到 那 些 年 轻 人 都 要 自 由 两 个 字
他 们 不 想 日 日 被 人 控 制 被 人 怀 疑
但 是 你 们 有 没 有 想 过 你 们 容 易 做 错 事

日 日 话 父 母 对 你 们 不 好 对 你 鄙 视
讲 到 自 己 多 有 本 事 不 想 大 人 多 事
但 是 到 头 来 什 么 都 没 有 做 坐 在 那

究 竟 你 们 明 不 明 白 自 由 两 个 字
讲 真 世 上 那 有 父 母 不 疼 自 己 的 孩 儿
只 是 你 们 不 用 心 去 看 整 件 事

不 明 白 不 需 要 不 想 看 到 不 要 知 道
你 的 好 我 故 意 假 装 看 到 又 看 不 到
你 对 我 的 好 我 是 真 的 知 道
我 不 想 不 想 有 个 人 对 我 好

你 们 每 次 日 日 夜 夜 系 甘 顶 撞 父 母
话 要 理 想 强 调 自 由 Set Me Free
讲 一 次 顶 一 次 不 会 理 解 整 件 事
其 实 你 们 嘛 喜 甘 霸 道 甘 自 私

无 错 有 时 大 人 好 鬼 过 份 猜 疑
想 一 想 其 实 你 们 嘛 系 甘 鬼 无 知
若 然 他 们 要 放 弃 早 就 已 经 放 弃
吾 史 等 到 你 们 顶 心 顶 肺 系 度 担 心 你

知 不 知 其 实 做 父 母 不 容 易
为 佐 你 好 先 至 系 度 调 整 你 前 途
吾 通 得 闲 无 野 做 生 你 出 来 拿 来 吵
讲 真 你 心 里 有 数 边 个 为 你 好
世 上 无 难 事 只 要 有 心 解 决 整 件 事
吾 需 要 吵 来 吵 去 世 界 变 得 靓 点 变 得 靓 点

不 明 白 不 需 要 不 想 看 到 不 要 知 道
你 的 好 我 故 意 假 装 看 到 又 看 不 到
你 对 我 的 好 我 是 真 的 知 道
我 不 想 不 想 有 个 人 对 我 好

不 想 看 到 不 想 要 知 道
不 想 要 太 多 的 爱 让 我 烦 恼
不 想 要 有 太 多 的 牵 绊
我 想 一 个 人 走 那 有 多 好

at this moment, AGAIN, i am missing someone that i am not supposed to miss… =)


tonight went to yum cha AGAIN at Steven’s with Yee Yung and Hoe Keong at first… then later… i called up Eric and Lai too… but it was so scary when they called up their friends as well weik!! and i was the only girl there!! then later, Esmund came along too… altogether around 7 people i think… erm… i met a funny person today!! hahahaha… he named himself ‘tak wah’ =P

at first, dear baby said that he would come over from ipoh… said that he would be there in an hour’s time… BUT, he didnt!! he was so late till those people even brought me to Nathan from Steven’s and he still NOT BACK YET!! what the hell~~~ ok fine… then i followed them to Nathan and then back home still HE NOT BACK YET!! i think he was driving a snail car~ duh~


Family Day~

woke up at 9+ in the morning just to go to market!! yea, and a few of those uncles and aunties there still remember me weik!! hehe… not bad yea…

after that i followed daddie to jalan jalan~ woohoo~~ so happie that daddie brought me to eat roasted duck drumstick rice and with a bowl of vege(watercress, i think) soup~~ *yumyum* but then that time was around 4pm edi… i was so worried that mommie gonna screw both of us coz eating at this kinda odd time then later couldnt eat dinner… then daddie said ‘nvm lar, dont tell her that we have eaten lar, we can say that DONT KNOW WHY the breakfast still in the stomach’ hahahaha… damn lame weik!! then daddie also bought around 10 DURIANS for me to eat!! woohoooo~~ so happie!! kekekekeke~~

when i arrived home, i saw my 2 FATTIE brothers!! wahlao!! so damn tall edi!! godz… AND… they arent that fattie anymore, but they said that i fatter edi!! what the hell man!! damn angry!! =(

mommie: hungry or not?
me: nope
mommie: why? did you eat something just now?
me: nope, dont know why the breakfast still in the stomach
mommie: why your daddie said the same thing also one! both of you dont lie!!

then me and daddie kept laughing over there non-stop but i still put the durians into my mouth… hehehe~ =P then at that moment, i saw the POT, mommie cooking SOUP!! and the soup was the soup i drank before that!! duh~!!!!!

GC Gathering

Phiew~~ finally I am home ONE NIGHT weik!! Went to meet GIRLS for the GC gathering today at LYP coffee bean… heheehehe… I think many people would think that we were supposed to have our gathering at somewhere else… =P too bad… it’s LYP!! Ahahhahahaha… hmmm… then… I was late for an hour!! But still I could only see 3 girls there, RouRou, CupidCupid and PurpleGal… I was so surprised that being late for an hour was still EARLY to other 3 people…!! And some even FFK!!

after that, there came a Black Shirt guy, walking like a MODEL *eherm* looking like a BABY *eherm* coming towards our table and even asked me to sit over a bit to let him sit!! Haha… nolar, he is my dear baby… he purposely went to see CHUN CHICKS!! Kekekekekeke… too bad that I didn’t allow him to sit with us but the table behind our table with one of his friends…

then after a while, CutePenguin came then followed by Hayanna and Kae… yea!! We had 7 girls at our table while the guys had only 2 people!! Damn funnie~ =P and HEY, Hayanna is a HOT KOREAN CHICK ok!!! *drooling* luckily CutePenguin brought along her camera!! Eheheh… so we took some pics!! We even asked a so-called lengjaiz (according to CutePenguin lar, but I don’t think so) to take for us… haha…

after that, I left to buy something for my auntie and said buhbyez to the girls… hopefully meeting them soon in the future again~ =)

hmm… kinda tired ler these few days going out non-stop only… dear baby asked me to follow him to go to play pool with him tonight at Matrix… but I really have to REST lar!! So I wished him to have MORE FUN tonight, enjoy himself, get to know more girls!! Ahahahahha… Further more, I gotta wake up early tomorrow to accompany my mom to market!! FINALLY I am back to do this kinda thingie again after a year!! Ahahahhaha… people, I am a GOOD GIRL, and I am SERIOUS!!


hmmm… just got home from William’s… these days are only GATHERING GATHERING and GATHERINGS!!

last night, went to pasar malam then Steven’s to meet up with Yee Yung, Sook Har, Harvey… then later went to Rush, the so-called most happening club in town… but i was so damn disappointed!! yea, it was so happening, and it was actually OVER happening!! too damn crowded till i couldnt even walk nicely, gotta touch everyone’s body~!~! *duh* finally then i met up with Kenny too!! heheheehe… glad to see him after SIX months!! =P i was there for only an hour then went to yumcha AGAIN!! at William’s… it was a new place to me, not too bad =)

then today, woke up at 10am, to go to K at redbox, but too bad that we could only get the room from 12pm-2pm because we dint make booking!! oh fine then, we went to Neway after 2pm then K till 630pm!! woohooo… not too bad yea, only 3 of us, ZhanShen, Mayvis and me!! then AGAIN meeting up with my DEAR cupidcupid~!~! after that… another GATHERING at William’s again with DC++ Hubbers… met up with… Nexus, Wkkay, Kylie, Lain, Blaze, NSX, Daijoubu, BeachBoy, Eng, Nimmy, MonayMonay, PSY, ADJ… blabla… have i left out anyone? hahahahaha… if i do, sorrie for my bad memory =( oh yea, and also i met up with WILLIAM again!! and i was surprised that he could actually recognise me by asking me ‘i saw you here last night right?’ *SHOCKING* and yea i was!! damn tired now!! and my mom complained that i went out from morning till midnight… duh~~~

hmmm… tomorrow is saturday wor… girls’ club gathering wor… i dont know whether i am going or not ler!! let’s see yea!! a bit tired of meeting people edi tim~~ =P

I am HOME!

my blogs on the plane:

It is now 836pm Melbourne time while I am still on the plane typing this entry using my laptop… estimated that I will be reaching KLIA in 2 hours and 40 minutes… nothing to do at this moment after watching the princess diary 2 then finished reading a magazine and took a nap just now too… now I am awake doing nothing…

Yuan, yenni and I took a cab from clayton to airport just now, and we expected it to be around 80bucks according to the driver… but then it ended up with a total of more than 100bucks!!! The driver even stopped the meter while it was at 103.40 and we hadn’t even reached the airport yet… and then he charged us only 100bucks without adding toll charges too… maybe he felt sorry for telling a much cheaper estimated rate… but then we also gave him 9bucks extra for tips too… he was so reluctant to take it but we forced him to take it… overall, he is a nice guy!! I AM IN LOVE~~ =P

Eeeeee… nothing to continue tim… well, see ya again when I am back~

Hey I am back again~ after the refreshment meal which looks like a bun with some grass inside… duh~ *yuckie* now I am on top of a part of Indonesia and time is 1015pm Melbourne time, gotta reach soon in 1 hour and 3 minutes… the view outside the window attracts my attention, looking at the cloud out there, some looks like cotton, some looks like foam, looking so peace~ I don’t understand how did this world was created and all these creatures are so special~ hmmm… I can see lightning now, probably having heavy rain down there and also I can see many lights there too, perhaps it is one of the cities in Indonesia? And at this moment I am listening to 地心引力 by 言承旭… really matching with the situation now when I am paying attention to the SKY~

I am also wondering how is the plane moving at a speed of 892km/h, while I can only see it moving very slowly from the window… a bit unbelievable though~ I cant feel the SPEED man~!~!~! feeling slower than I am in a car~~ hahaaha… NOW, I am on top of Palembang… no idea where the hell is that~ =P but what I know is 1 hour to KLIA~ and the sky is getting darker and darker now… woohoo… and the temperature outside is -52 Celsius… isn’t it SUPER COLD? What if I jump down from the plane now will I turn to become FROZEN? Well… I guess I have no chance to experience this kinda temperature… =(

See ya again~~ lallaallalala~


yea yea yea!! finally back home!! i was happy to receive calls from SOME people out there… the first who called, NEBO!! then ZhanShen then Cupid then Esmund… thanks for calling yea… =)

had dinner with family at hawker stalls!! ahhaa… so happening but HOT LIKE MAD weik!! i could feel that my body was so oily~~ and damn!! the food was so cheap!! hahahahaha… imagine one satay for RM0.50 and i had it in melbourne like 2 sticks for AUD4.50!! ahahhahahaa….

after that i went home then waited for my buddies to come over!! yooohooo~~ finally i could see them after SO SO SO LONG!! and glad that i still feel the same!! we are still so close!! been chatting till now… they just left at 3am… and FINALLY my honey called me huh!! hahahahaha… now only seh dak call me!! DUH~~ USELESS HONEY!! =P

well… it’s such a long entry man!! *nightiez*


hmmm… soon i will be leaving melbourne… and soon i will be reaching kl… i will be home very soon!!

beside my summer course, what can i do during this holiday…? hopefully that i can get a job too!! and i am still thinking of… who to hangout with, who should i call out… of coz i wont forget my buddies this is for sure!! erm… meeting my darling too!! hopes that she miss me too!!

and there is this someone, i am always thinking whether i should give him a call or a sms or not… this is the stoopiest MR. TWJin, the owner of a black Mercedes Benz E190 with the car plate L 9797 phone number 012-23428… dont ask me WHY i can remember so clearly, i also dont know why… he ffked me so many times before i left to melbourne!!