someone special…

there was this picture came across my mind when i was on the train today…. it was so warm TO ME…

it happened when i was with X one day, i accidentally knocked my hand on the cupboard and it was so pain that i told X about it… X kept hitting on that stewpid cupboard with hand and scolded it for hurting me… *grinz* hmmm… my daddie and mommie used to do that to those stewpid things that hurt me too in the past while i was still a lil kiddo… and i felt so warm and protected when X did that to me, and there was a SMILE from the bottom of my heart appeared on my face…

*so sweet, thankx*

then, i saw THIS when i was walking on the street, so i bought it… it is SOMEONE SPECIAL~ =)


why why why so many unlucky entries altogether? let me tell you WHY, coz i am now freaking farking super extremely damn UNLUCKY!!! *diuz*

my poor lil foot was about to recover edi, not so pain edi, and at least i could walk FASTER with it edi instead of walking like a orang cacat… BUT BUT BUT… i twisted it AGAIN, yea… the SAME FOOT!! i was holding a bag of rubbish and i was heading to throw it… i twisted it just before the door!! damn!! SO PAIN lar!!

dahhhh~~~~ when can i back to be a NORMAL person!! *arrrghhh* and my mom kept saying that i dont know how to take care of myself, and she said EVERYONE thought that i could… yea man, even me myself thought that too… but too bad, i am disappointing everyone!! i am just a loser… weak… lousy… and i cant go home!! WHEN THE HELL CAN I GO HOME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!! i told my mom that i need a BABY SITTER~~ wahhahahahahahaha~~ hey i seriously need one ok~~!! or someone please donate a BF to me ar? not a lousy one but one that can take care of me, please… and thankiew…

i got this from my mom while msn-ing with her:

AnnChin says:
please lah Chin Vian Yee...... don't always.... blame this & that lah..... god give u the life is not bad with others less fortunate .....u must know to hold & make use of it "par wor" *means 把握*!!

p/s: am i really complaining too much? telling the truth only wor…

oh well, i am still stucked in this broadbandless life… so BORING!! i am now using a snail-dialup… but well, it’s good though, so that i can sleep early at night!! hahaha… not too bad right…? at least there is SOMETHING good about this house!! lalalalalllalaa~~ oh hey, anyone interested to come over on saturday? we are having a HOUSE WARMING (like we OWN the house, but we dont) at my place… anyone? just tell me IF YOU REALLY coming, ok?

Bloody Tired !!!~~~ again


Man …. last week working morning shift was damn busy …..
expected this week working nite shift, i’ll have peace and quiet ….. |-|

but …. reli shiat ! …… even at nite ….. lotsa issues …….

work sux ……. luckily this week work 3 days oni …. else …. reli XX( kao jor …….

hehehehehehehe :>> today final day ……. tomowo balik ipoh jorr …..
so happieee ….. but lotsa things to do in ipoh also …. darn ……… busy busy ………

Man ….. LIFE !!! Time is always your enemy …. so many things to do … so little time …… same goes for $$$$$

Beginning of the month …. I adee feeling broke …….. Why can’t Marnee Grow on Trees ?

Unlucky Very Unlucky…

i have finally moved to my new house… and… it is… so… scary… i was so shocked when i first walked into the house, as i hadnt seen it before i moved in!!

the house is so damn old!! maybe like 50 years old, most things are broken, cracked and DIRTY! and super big… it is just like another haunted mansion man!! with all the broken crystal lights hanging on the ceiling, and those stained mirrors here and there, yellowish lights, stains here and there… DAMN!! really couldnt take it at first… i even held my tuition fees to the uni and my return ticket and prepared to go home anytime… i just cried to mommie that i seriously afraid of that house, i was so scared to go to the toilet and shower… and till now i already been sleeping in my housemate’s room for 3 nights… i dont even dare to sleep alone… DAMN!!

but still, i am trying my best to cope with it for at least 6 months… let’s see what will happen, else i will be heading back to my sweet home… my mom has no idea for it but my dad asked me to go back… hahaha, he is afraid that i might get crazy here or maybe will commit suicide…? hmmm… but, in order to make me love my house, i am spending a BOMB to make it look a lil more LOVELY!! feel like renovating the whole damn house only!! and i had to cover the damn mirror facing my bed weik, just imagine, it is so scary to sleep with it!!

but there is one thing in my mind… i really think that there are TOO MANY signals telling me that i shouldnt have come back to melb… at first was all the unlucky things happened in the previous blog… then when i got into my new house, we were locked outside the house… and then i twisted my ankle while crossing the road yesterday, everyone was there looking at me like we were having a mini meeting at the traffic light!! and i didnt give a damn because DAMN FARKING PAINFUL man!! i thought i had lost my foot!! and now i am walking handicaply~~ TA MA DE!! i cant imagine what’s gonna happen in the future again~~!!

i dont even have a phone line at home at the moment!! i cant make calls to mommie!! and i cant online!! *arrrrghhh* and i already missed one week’s lectures and tutorials as i didnt have time to go to uni!! i had been busy for the whole week loading and unloading my stuffs, cleaning, arranging… DUH~

and there were times when i needed accompanions and some comfortings… luckily my dearest cousins always there with me!! *muacks* unlike someone acting like a BIATCH never ever give a damn!!

bless myself… not to be so unlucky anymore, PLEASE… and also to Mayvis, good luck girl, i am here feeling you all the time!!