Saddening Me…

aiskkzz… i am in trouble again!! how come i have this kinda mood one ar… like PMS only… *fark* i feel so depressed again!!! bah~~~

i have no mood again!!

i wanna eat, but i dont know what i wanna eat… pasta? no. rice? no. noodles? no. steaks, lamb chops, thai food? YES!! but where? no one… THEN?

i wanna study, but i dont know where to start from… AFA? no. AMA? no. TL? no. CA? no. THEN?

i wanna do something, but i dont know what to do… assignments? no. clubbing? no. K? no. sleeping? no. chatting? no. THEN?

i wanna go somewhere, but i dont know where to go… city? no. footscray? no. clayton? no. KL? YES!! but i cant…

i wanna go shopping to buy something, but i dont know what to buy… clothes? no. accessories? no. shoes? no. bags? no. THEN?

i feel like doing all these things, i would love to!! i am serious!! BUT… i dont know what exactly i want…

damn it!! what’s wrong man!!

it’s just like i told my friend that… i feel like getting a bf… so that someone could calm me down, could pamper me… blablabla… but then I DONT WANT A BF!! ahahahha… sounds ridiculous right!! it’s like… yea, i NEED one to make me happy, to make me feel loved… but i just dont want it!! i dont want to commit… i am not ready to commit…

i am just another psycho fella… i think…

i think none can understand me, as i dont even know what i want, dont ask me… i will just reply you with ‘I DONT KNOW’

i think i just wanna live with myself ALL ALONE!! not talking to anyone, not doing anything, not going anywhere… so then i can be myself!! that’s me!! I DONT WANT TO DO ANYTHING!! bahhhhhhhh~~~

living in a SOCIETY is saddening… i am tired of doing something that i dont feel like doing but i HAVE TO DO!! have to talk, when i dont feel like… have to smile, when i dont feel like… have to act happy, when i am not… ishhhh…

it’s MERDEKA!! and why is everyone acting so excited? are they really happy with it…? oh well, i dont feel A SINGLE THING!! it’s just another boring day that i have to live on… why is everyone screaming there for merdeka? really that interesting huh? really that happy eh? i cant feel it…

i have no feeling for ANYTHING!!!


haiihzz… what an emo + psycho entry… guess none can undestand, including myself…

You Brainless Arsehole!!

well, i think i shouldnt be mad at you… just becasue that you are brainless… you dont know how to behave like how you are supposed to be for your age… you are just another brainless kid acting inconsiderate all the time… you dont know what is wrong and what is right… you do whatever shit you want… and thinking that you are all right… oh yea, you are feeling nothing just because that we think that you are just a KID!! acting innocent… face the real world and you shall DIE!!!

you farking think that other people would just do what you want, like your slaves!!! please dont ask people to do things while you actually can do it yourself… and dont ASSUME what people are thinking in their minds… YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO DO SO!! as you have no brain to think properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

selfish arsehole!!! only know how to think for yourself!! oh yea, forgotten that your brain only ABLE to think for yourself… too small to think for others… cool…

It’s Someone’s Birthday…

*dang dang dang dang* happie birthday to WHEI MENG lor!! *sounds frustrated* aissskkzz… i also dont know why am i being so nice wishing him happy birthday here… since:

he didnt invite me to his seafood dinner also…
he is always busy to reply my messages…
he always dowan to help me when i need help…
he always talk bad about me…
he always lies to me…
he loves ALL OTHER GIRLS but me…
he buayas ALL OTHER GIRLS but me…
he didnt let me to go to his room…
he always complains that i am noisy…
he always no money TO ME…

aiyaaaa… but then, come to think of it… SI DAN LAR!!! wish only lar, it wont put on more weight also… afterall, knew him since… 13… 9 BLARDEE YEARS edi!! shiat!! means i have been tortured by this evil one for 9 years edi!! damn… i am so damn unlucky!! but, i think that i am BLESSED as i am still one piece!!

oh well… i think i am a bit of SM… i dont know why i still LOVE him so much since he is a BASTERD!! =P oklar oklar, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR WHEIMENG the UU’s CEO *help you promote a bit, see how nice*!! heheehehe…


and also, on the same day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY TWIN BROTHERS!! but they are not reading… wakkakaka… =P


eh… it’s 29th of august!! means… it was 28th of august yesterday lor!! oh man… it was my anniversary yesterday!! hahahaha… my 3rd year break-up anniversary!! hahahahaha… let me send an email to my ex to wish him HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY… *ok, that’s lame*

28th of august, my friend, Wing’s birthday also wor!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY lar!! this friend of mine very chamz one… YEARS AGO on his 17th birthday, i prepared a present for him but didn have the chance to give him and till today, that present is still in my cupboard… then YEARS LATER, which is 3 years back, i wished him happy birthday and also scolded him *jokingly of coz* for celebrating birthday HAPPILY while i was CRYING for my break up… hhahahaha… *poor him* and now… he is a 24 years old + 1 day MAN!! *good luck*


wakkakakaka… have just signed up an account for myself at StudioTraffic… erm… basically, i HEARD that this program really can make good money… that’s what my friend told me… and since it has no harm trying, why not give it a try…

i still dont know how is it working… just log in and click on this ‘surf STV’ button, then it will auto load more sites and while these sites are loading, you get CREDITS… just as simple as that… well… still trying… hahahahaha… let’s see whether i will be rich soon!! =P

join me? click HERE

Clayton Trip…

another boring night… since i woke up at 430pm… was kinda energetic during the night and thought of having some REAL FOOD for supper *as i am going to have a slimming week* then gathered V-V and Wk AGAIN tonight to pay Ryan a visit in clayton!!

well… finally i met Mr. Durian, Ryan’s housemate… kekekee… and also Ryan’s secret admirer from next door… this blardee hell fella knocked on our window at like… 3am telling us that my car blocked his way… so i went out to move the car, then he said he actually called the POLICE saying that he suspected that the car is a STOLEN CAR!! *wtf* well, i didnt care so just moved the car away… meanwhile he was CHATTING with ryan and asking for his name, number and address… *wooohoooo* his name is SASH, but ryan saved his name as SUSHI *maybe he thinks this sounds tastier* or maybe SASHimi… anyhow, he is still a rude BASTERD!! not tasty at all!!

finally we went to have McD… *hungry like hell* and now i am back at home at 530am… no no no… i have to sleep, i am not going to waste my saturday afternoon just to sleep!! NO WAY!!

i wanted to fill some petrol on the way back, so that i asked V-V and WK whether they know how to fill or not, they both said YES… *as i dont know how* so i happily drove into a petrol station, paid and then left the filling job to the 2 kiddos… and who knows 2 of move press here press there, adjust here adjust there, petrol licking leaking here licking leaking there… *bahhhhh* and it’s not filling yet!! at the end, the attendant came over to help us… wahlaooo… damn embarrassing lar!! 3 fellaz in the car and NONE can fill the petrol properly… *GOSHHHZZZZ*


kor, bet that you are having a good time there huh… =)

Sick Lappie

awwww… poor lappie was so sick!! at first was this stupid ‘block-checker’ thingie!! i thought what kinda program so damn good can check which bugger has blocked me, so thus downloaded and installed… and then it went on sending out irritating auto messages to the people on my list!! *arrrgghhh* so i tried to uninstall… BUT, it’s still there!! tried to delete.. it’s still there!! damn!! first thing that came to my mind was… V I R U S!!!

shiat… HOW HOW HOW!! i looked for quite a few experts to help me on it… thankx for Eddy and Seagates… eddy gave me some instructions to remove this stupid thingie, so i just followed… there was this step asking me to kill this dont-know-what-crss.exe-thingie… once i clicked KILL *POP* blue screen came out and restarted… damn it!! once restarted the whole comp was like a retard… hang like hell~~~ no choice… called up WKKAY… but he would be free only after 5pm… duh~~~~

waited… finally… picked him from the city, then he started fixing… then i went to cook dinner!! *chicken ala king oooorrhhh* hahahahaha… *yummie*

yeah… my lappie no longer a sicko… and then i asked wk to clean my FAN also…!! ahahhaa… coz too noisy edi the fan when it spins… but man… this lappie has SO MANY SCREWS!! we actually took around 3 hours to get that fixed man!! from fixing in my house till his house… ahhahahaha… thankx my HERO WK!! =)

after all these hard works… we went to port melb to look for V-V… hhehehee… gossip gossip… thankx for the coke… then finally got home at 315am…

lappie under operation…

I Love My Daddy…

oh yea… finally my dad has received the ‘I Love My Daddy’ card…

AnnChin says:
oh yae daddy rec’d your cute cute touching card…..nearly cried we …..haheheheha

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:
wah… got cry or not ar… ahhahahahaha

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:
better cry ok… expensive card~

hahahahhaha… oh yea, i didnt forget to IMPLY that that’s an expensive card ok… made in UK!! ahhahahaha… and there were only 4 WORDS in the card –> I LOVE MY DADDY… *WTF* hehehe… knowing that their daughter being so nice… maybe they will give her more money… wakkakakakakak… *pray*


when i told my mom that i wanted to go to library…

AnnChin says:
go library not looking for leng chai only arr??

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:
i dont like lengjaiz also…

AnnChin says:
hello….u don’t like leng chai…??? then don’t tell me u like leng lui??

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:
why like lengjaiz?

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:
they suck!!

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:

AnnChin says:
hello………wat happened??? got lengjaiz cheated u???

AnnChin says:
so u like female lah??!!

now now now, she is scared… wakakkakakakaka… =P


yeay!! finally another visit to Fallscreek!! this time with a huge gang of people… 24 of us, we rented a mini bus and hired a driver to drive us there… we departed at 3am and reached there at around 9am… it’s such a long journey man!!

and hey!! it’s SNOWING!! wooohooo~!~! lucky me huh!! both times in fallscreek also snowing leh~~~ hehehehe… yea, basically, you feel happy when you see snow… BUT… it’s so damn cold ok!! especially… when you go skiing or boarding… ok, finally i had my FIRST snow sports experience after 3 visits to the snow mountains… and guess what, i played snowboarding!! ahduh… yea, it’s relatively harder then skiing… imagine that you cant use the 2 blindman sticks to help you to balance and you cant open your both legs wide to balance… *arrrgghhh*

well, i guess i fell down around 1000 times… and also thankx to my friends that didnt care about me… they left me… so i was there falling, getting up, falling, getting up by myself… luckily there was this guy, Irwan *veron’s friend* also as dumb as me!! wkakakaka… so we both falling together… ahahahhaa… the wind was so strong… the snow kept hitting on my face *PAIN* and i couldnt even stand still while the wind blew towards me… arrrgghh… and SO COLD!! i was afraid that my ears would fly away together with the wind as my ears already frozen…

but then after awhile, i felt damn hot weik!! why? EXERCISING lar!! imagine that i kept falling down like madzz… and getting up was really TOUGH man!! worse when it was too fast and i was worrying that i might lose control, and thus i had to BRAKE but i didnt know how!! so, the only way to brake is to FALL!! *my poor butt*

after so much of exercise… i felt so tired… but… i was still nowhere on the mountain… HOW HOW HOW!! at last, i had this idea, to SIT on the board instead of STANDING!! yes baby!! that’s the way!! it was so much fun, and relaxed… and FUNNY when Irwan’s board left him… yes, his board ran away!! and he was chasing his board by running down hill while i was enjoying my ride on my board…

oh well… a very exhausted trip~~ left at 4pm and reached in the city around 10pm… tiring man!!!!


today… whole body aching man!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrghhh~~ feeling so uncomfortable…!!! duh~~

went to safeway and noticed that CADBURY is cheap!!!! yeah… so i bought all these… 4 bars of Breakaway and 2 bars of Dairy Milk… Loklok and Bobo sure dripping saliva edi… wakkakakakakakaka…

Amber Night…

finally we are once again back to amber after so so so long… probably… around a year… i am glad that amber is still as good, or i should say better… at least… amber is a place where i think everything is good, the crowd, the people, the environment, the songs, the place… unlike some place is good at something but bad at something…

and guess what!! a good news for both me and cheryl!! we finally found our new BFS at amber last night!! wakakkakakakak… a korean for her and a japanese for me!! wakkakakakakak… so that next month we could celebrate our 1-month-anniversary together!! wooohooo~!~!~! *crappy*

afterall, a fun night!! =)

pictures showing that i wearing my THAT black top and a black skirt recommended by Hayanna and also with a pair of black stockings… and a black jacket…


ready to go~~

with jacket…

without jacket…


wokieeee… i am now off to get prepared for my SNOW SKIING trip~

Room Alone!!

yooohooo~!~! finally i am room alone now~~ lalallalalala~~ *buhbye jeff* =P

and thus, when i woke up this AFTERNOON *yeap 2.30pm* i started to clean my room!! at least tidy up a bit lar, coz it’s already messy till the max…!! everything on the table, on the floor… bah~~ dust here and there… *sneezing*

and meanwhile, chatting with my mom:

AnnChin says:
wat u doing

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:
cleaning my room…

AnnChin says:
arr???? I saw wrongly or not….??? U????? cleanign room????!!!!

AnnChin says:
aiyor!!!! wat a day??!!!

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:
what !! coz… it’s messy till the MAX edi!!

AnnChin says:
nvm lah….maxi..staill can go to super maxi mah

AnnChin says:
y u afraid later got rats hide in it??

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:
i am a clean girl~

AnnChin says:
clean girl??!! don’t ppl laugh lah

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数4个月 – StarDee + DieT * Chubbier and Chubbier Bay… =( says:

AnnChin says:
u r famous of untidy…….edi!!!

blek… now i am making it even MORE FAMOUS~~ wakkakakakak…