it’s another sleepless morning… i am just feeling so unhappy… i am stressed… i am disappointed… i am unhappy… that’s all…

i hate being a girl… i hate being a piscean girl… i hate being an emo piscean girl…

it seems like everything is not right on track… it’s not the same as the usual way…

i feel like talking to someone… but none is bothering me… where is everyone when i need them?

especially… the one that can cure me… the one that can make me happy… but he is so different today… i dont know what’s the reason behind… and i dont wanna know… he doesnt bother… i dont bother as well… you idiot WJ

I SWEAR, that i wont be contacting you ANYMORE!!! if you dont bother to contact me in the future… and please remember today, my last day contacting you and you didnt appreciate it… and hopefully that you will find another person that will do anything to cheer you up when you are sad… i am no longer there for you… already ENOUGH!! 3 years… i dont have anymore 3 years petting you like a baby… find yourself a babysitter…

yes, i am a LOSER, the BIGBIG loser… =P just after 2 minutes i published this entry, he then back to pet me giving the reason that he was playing futsal… *chehhhzz* everytime also like that one!! duh~~~ but, nvm, i was then became happier… HAHHAHAHAHAHA…

ok, i need to give a BIGBIG hug to the one who first cheered me up before that idiot turned up… *hughuz* my baby clown… =P now my babyland has a new member after so long… ekekkekekeke… good luck in your exam yea… =) i nomore crying, nomore unhappy… heehehehe… then you happy birthday *although not yours, not mine*, happy deepavali, happy exam ok… =P

Joking Vs Offending…

well… sometimes i might sound like a jerk, a dumb ass or even a clown to some people… i dont hope to take things seriously sometimes, just because that the real life is too cruel, and i wish to joke away all the unhappy stuffs… and i agree that joking can be fun…

but… maybe i am just WEAK… i guess my tolerance level is kinda low… i dont know how to tolerate with SOME JOKES… or maybe people just hate me that much… that they are not joking but purely INSULTING… ok… my fault, it’s my bad, that i have so many mistakes, dumb things for people to insult me…

so, is it very funny when you are insulting a dumb person…? and you laugh at people? and you find it very happy? or do i have this ‘insult me’ or ‘i love to be insulted’ carved on my forehead? or, do you think that i dont have a BRAIN just because that i am stupid and because of that, i dont have FEELING as well…? or you think that i am happy being insulted? or do you know that OVER joking can be OFFENDING?

i can joke doesnt mean that i can take ALL JOKES, ALL INSULTS… i am dumb but doesnt mean that i dont know how to think AT ALL… i am dumb doesnt mean that i can only think like a 3 months old baby… you are smart doesnt mean that you know what i am thinking… you are smart doesnt mean that what you think is right and what i think is wrong… and even if i am wrong, pointing out my stupidity all the time does make you sound smarter? proud of it?

probably i need to learn to be serious all the time… else people will think that i am just a joker… and also act to be smart all the time, hide all my thoughts… not letting people to laugh at me…

Petrol Day!!

yea ar!! RECORD ar!! first time in my life i filled petrol ON MY OWN weik!!! usually i asked people to help me… but today i did it myself!! WOOOHOOOOO~~~~

BUT… i couldnt make it the PROPER way… usually, people just stuck in, then press then it will fill automatically VERY FAST somemore… but then… when i stucked in… pressed… then it went “TAK” then stopped filling edi… so i had to SLIGHTLY press to fill 2 cents by 2 cents… MA DE!! for that freaking petrol i gotta press for more than 5 minutes… then in the middle got this guy came over to ask me for direction somemore, and i stopped there talking to him… i think the whole process took me more than 10 minutes… people sure thought that i have a 100L petrol tank… then till the end of the filling process, my fingers went NUMB edi… DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… luckily not filling FULL TANK…

yeay~ finally met up with my Ah Yee and Yee Zhang… *my aunty and uncle* had korean dinner with them… and… *SURPRISE* badawi_rocks aka ryan was there too, and finally these 2 primary classmates (yongyuan and ryan) met up again after YEARsssssss… but this brainless yongyuan couldnt recognise ryan~~ HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA… =P

anyway, nice meeting up with my relatives… *feeling so warm* and my mom brought me… CACTUS JUICE… *WTF* coz of the infamous BIRD FLU lar!! i have to drink this SUCKY drink!! duh~~~~

damn!! the korean dinner killed my diet~~~ i lost count on the CALORIES man!! iiiiiiiiiisssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh~~

Exams Vs Seducer…

*yeay* finally i am now free from my assignments!! just handed in the LAST assignment for the semester!! TGIF!! Thank God It’s FINISHED!! but well… it’s time to get my ass prepared for the upcoming FINAL EXAM!! blardeeee hell~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!


time for a bit of relaxation!! got this from Zoe

*Your Seduction Style: Prized Object*

The seduction game you play is tried, true, and still effective: hard to get.
You know that the best seducers turn the tables – and get their crush to seduce them.
The one running has the power, and you’re a challenge that is worth the chase.

You are a master of enticing and pulling back. Giving a little and taking some away. –> HAHAHA, EXACTLY!! =P
You are controlled enough to know rewards come after a long seduction dance. –> HELL YEAY!!
Even though you want to call, email, or say “I love you” first – you don’t! –> CONTROL, CONROL…

You’re style is the perfect mix of hot and cold – so much so that you have many suitors.
Think Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s … or any of those creepy guys from the Bachelor.
You’re skilled at inspiring a chase. The real test is picking the person to slow down for.

What Kind of Seducer Are You?

Anyone Wanna Buy Me?

AnnChin says:
i bankrupt lah …..got to send u money….somemore got 5 wedding & full moon to attend…..hahahhaa!!

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *says:

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *says:
i thought you memang bankrupt long time ago edi? HAHHAHAHAHAAH

AnnChin says:
I hope I can lah…………….

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *says:
why you bankrupt until so happy one? HAHHAHAHA somemore?

AnnChin says:
then too bad lor……then I sell u off lah

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *says:

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *says:
if you sell me… you will be ZILLIONAIRE i tell you!!

AnnChin says:
really??? then I still got hope lah…….there is anyone wants u!!!

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *says:

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *says:

AnnChin says:
hve u tested the market??

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *says:

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *says:
erm… how to test

ok… i am now testing the market…


stupid!! what’s wrong with my eye, it happened last night, i felt that my eye was swollen… and pain… and itchy… damn it…

and it’s still the same NOW!! duhhhhhhh… my housemates laughed at my eye… my poor left eye… =(

i had to wear sunnies to uni today… i looked like LAN YAU YING like that, looked so lan si wearing sunnies in the class… just like a blind woman… *deng*

poor eye…

i have to live HAPPILY with sunnies… =(

i showed my mom my poor eye… and she went…

AnnChin says:
SO LENG ONE!!! a bit only mar!!!

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *٭ says:

AnnChin says:
so rude!!!

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *٭ says:
you lagi rude!!

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *٭ says:
people’s eye so pain you somemore wanna talk cock…

AnnChin says:
so wat u want me to do???……can’t manage yourself..then see doctor lah

AnnChin says:
I told u to apply salt water …..

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *٭ says:
oklar… i go to find salt water now…

AnnChin says:
u find salt….not salt water!

. : e R i C C a : . * StarDee + DieT * Exam!! Pray!! ALL THE BEST, people!! *٭ says:

AnnChin says:
u get the salt then make salt water
*yorr, i am not that dumb ok*

bahhhhhhhhhhh… okokok… i am now off to FIND SALT and MAKE SALT WATER then APPLY SALT WATER, hopefully that it will work…

AnnChin says:
hahaha 1 eye jack!!!

I’m So Sweet…

wooohooo… all the time i thought i was a self proclaimed SWEET girl… but now, it’s PROVEN that I AM SooOOOoOOoOOOoOooOo SWEET!!

*puke puke puke* sorrie for telling a lie…

this morning when i woke up, i saw a few DEAD ants on my pillow… i think they came to my SWEET HEAD, then my FAT SWEET HEAD accidentally slept on them, and there they became ANT-BISCUITS…

but when i looked at my table… WTF MAN!! those stupid ants are just happily crawling on my EMPTY PLATE *my day before’s Bacon + Egg plate*… damn!! i just ran out to get wet tissues to clean up the mess without washing my face or brushing my teeth…

hey… i thought ants only like SWEET things? didnt know that they love SALTY things too… bah~


i asked WJ
“hao xiang zhi dao ni de 100 fen hui gei zen yang de ren”

WJ replied…
“gei zui teng wo de ren”

“ok good luck then”

“but keep in reserved, bank key locked temporary… blek”

hahahahahaha… damn lan si weik… CHEH!! i cant be bothered though… *blek* at least… at this moment…

我自认我不是最疼你的人, 你永远只会觉得我是欺负你最多的人… 或许, 我在你心目中根本不值50分, 更何况100分… 但是, 我有一颗”很想成为最疼你的人“的心…

another song in 恶魔在身边 that keeps playing in my mind…

by 杨丞琳




i received this sms “listen to 98.8fm now” this evening from WJ… so then i QUICKLY opened my internet browser and went to www.988.com.my *for SOME OUTDATED FELLA out there, this is the website, never ever think that i LIE, ok* it was this song “ERICA” by 側田 was played on it…

hahahahhaa… thankx WJ, so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet of you… *luplup*

i have been searching up and down for the mp3, but i havent found it, can someone tell me where to get it ar? i wanna save it as my ringtone… kekekekekekekek… =P *THANKIEW ZHANSHEN… muacks… thankx for the song!!!!*

well… this is the 2nd song titled “ERICA” that i have heard of… the first one was… LONG LONG TIME AGO… 3 years ago i think, there was this guy, K he composed me a song and named it “ERICA”… he sang it together with playing with his guitar and recorded it as well… but, too bad that i saved it in my OLD OLD computer and it is now somewhere far far away…

Erica by 側田

oh Erica 知你其實想找一個水泡救生嗎
oh baby Erica 跟我同渡相處一晝不會拒絕嗎

然後送你歸家 所有這些把戲情侶都會嗎
* oh awww 喜歡我嗎 喜不喜歡都應使你感動嗎

單戀他得意嗎 oh baby love 懂得愛嗎
身邊有我並未夠你選擇嗎 *
oh oh baby Erica
erica oh erica 別痛惜他
oh Erica 多麼想講跟我繼續一直遊戲吧
oh baby Erica 其實忘掉如何被愛都會快樂嗎
你快樂了 別忘記閣下
你暫時愛我嗎 我問你問到令你良心會化
Repeat *
oh…oh baby Erica ………
oh baby Erica
oh baby Erica


damn man… what a CURSE!! cant you just GET OUT OF MY WAY FOREVER!! i finally deleted someone‘s EVERYTHING on 18th… and WTF did you appear again last night? duhhhhhhhhh…

i thought i would just make everything easier, so i OFFERED to go to the city to get it from him and then leave the place with peace… but, but, but… he was in crown and the notes not with him at that moment… so he said that he would bring over to me… and yea… at 3+ am… aiskkkzzz… TERRIBLE!!

finally, you decided to pass me the notes… to me, it’s a good thing as i really wanted the notes!! so, thought that it would be the LAST seeing you… BUT WTF DID YOU TAKE AWAY MY TEXTBOOK!!!! *arrgghhhhhh* you better give back to me ASAP, and i will see you NOMORE!!!

but, honestly, i have nomore feelings… i will just treat it as a TRADE…

anyhow, you are still in my deleted list, blocked list, i dont even have your number in my phonebook, and i dont bother to remember…

get away from me *but not before i get back my textbook*, you B@STARD!!!!!!!!!!