Country Names…

*P/S: This is not meant to be a racist post*

Today, I saw this NAME at work, and the first thing I did was *WTTTFFFF*… This person’s name is INDIA, and yes she’s from India. I don’t blame her, she didn’t give herself that name. I was thinking, why would someone name their children with a country’s name… Just wondering, if there are people with the name Malaysia? Taiwan? Singapore? Australia? China? Japan?

Just wondering, if one day, this baby is being naughty or whatsoever, and the mother starts scolding this baby by “You this *country name*, never want to listen to me, always making me angry, how do you want me to punish you?” or one day when this baby has grown up, and in love with someone, the partner will probably go “Oh my love *country name*, you are my honey bee, sweetie pie…”


Maybe this baby becomes a very famous person, and her name is all over the news, with “*country name* is blablablabla…”

It is just so confusing…

Art Gallery Part 2…

woooopsss… I almost forgot to blog about the ART GALLERY!!

Alright, I LIED, it wasn’t an art gallery, but it is just a LOBBY, of the building that I work at. And all the art are from the art gallery at the back of the building. *Yes, that’s the real gallery, but the lobby is not*

I am sure about you people, but I liked this lobby ever since I first came to this building for my interview. It is the most beautiful office lobby that I have seen!! I have always wanted to go to the REAL art gallery to have a look, but… NOT YET!! SOON!!

There are so many lifts, should be around 25 lifts there, make sure you take the CORRECT one, because different lifts go to different floors…

The time that I always look at when I am in the lift, so I know whether I am late or not, and also the time I am out for lunch…


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New Jacket!!

*weeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee* Another new jacket that I am in love with!! Got it from ebay for only 50bucks!!

I actually got it about a month ago, but I didn’t like the smell, maybe it was stored in a garage or whatsoever, so it was STINKY!! I washed it a few times and left it outside at the balcony for weeks…

And, left it in a bag that already sprayed with PERFUME, and YES, finally I am wearing it!! *wooohooooo*

Happily wore this to gathering =)

Fitness Dates…

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Have you realised that SO SO SO MANY people are going to the GYMs nowadays? Everyone is talking about getting FIT, getting HEALTHY… I guess it’s the trend!! And there are more and more fitness centres out there, you have too many choices to go for!!

And, most of the people choose to go to the fitness centre which has EYE-CANDYs!! Yea, HUNKS and CHICKS!! But, isn’t a bit sad when you have no one to go with you? Well, I think I have found this place, the Fitness Dates, I would HIGHLY recommend it to VHONG!! He is a poor lil boy who desperately want to LOSE WEIGHT, but he is always alone, and he is SINGLE!! So, he is one of the FITNESS SINGLES!! He needs a fitness date for SURE!!

Join Fitness Dates now for FREE and over thousands of profiles to choose from!! It’s a community that you can meet lots of people who share the same interests, exchange information, love the same lifestyle… That’s why you need to go for fitness dating, make yourself healthy and happy and fun at one go!!

Japanese Buffet!!

*yeay* Getting REALLY excited, because I am going for my FIRST Japanese Buffet in MELBOURNE!! And, my godz, it is something like a SURPRISE, because I have never heard of the place, and never heard of ANY review or comment about it, only one word in my mind TRY!! And the scariest part is, when it is ONLY AUD25!! Damn, I really don’t know how good can that be… *sweat*

But, I am happy because this is a LAI MENG gathering again!! It’s also some sort of celebrationS for AiWei’s birthday, HaeSim’s completion of her CPA, SuYin’s finally found a new place to move to, YeeKhoon and I finally found a JOB… So yea, it WILL BE FUN!!

I am ready to go… in… 1 hour =P





6年没见了吧,真的很想再见一次 =)


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It’s been the trend that people start to date ONLINE, they look at profiles, start chatting up and then meeting up, and then who knows, they might get married one day.

There are too many normal dating websites, and they seem to be TOO NORMAL for the uniques. How about a GOTHIC one sound?

Goth Scene provides a goth dating place for gothics to meet and fall in love. It has more than thousands profiles to look at, user friendly features, and it’s FREE to join!! Well, I guess the most important part is the QUALITY of the members, I would say GREAT is the word! There are CHICKS and HUNKS that you wouldn’t want to miss!! Don’t believe? Look at these goth guys!!

OL Cam-Whore…

*yeay* A cam-whore is so happy when she actually found that she can cam-whore in the office too!! WOOOHOOOO!!

I found this place, it’s the SHOWER, there are 4 showers in the office. They are usually for people who shower before work, who go jogging during lunch hour, or who go to the gym during lunch hour, and also people who wanna go out after work and can’t be bothered going home to get changed… So, this is the place…

And now, it’s MY PLACE to cam-whore!! =P