Happy Saturday…

Hmmm… Yes, finally I got myself a happy Saturday after so long!! And I attended FIRST non-relative wedding in my life!! Went to Rebecca’s wedding, she is my ex-colleague from Macquarie… Luna and I went together, and apparently, we were like the representatives from Macquarie, as nobody went beside us two!!

Then, after that, went to Safeway to get some ingredients for making cheese cake to bring to Toung’s house warming… Really in a hurry, I rushed everything like mad!! And, I didn’t even get a chance to get changed, hence the one look for all day…

Well, at least, I had fun!! Thanks people… =)


With a random handsome + cheeky boy…

Me, Rebecca the bride and Luna…

The group picture, all of us =)

After years, finally another picture of ONLY two of us, Toung and I, and both in WHITE… =)

Then we played this game!!! Er, I came 5th… =P

Lastly, presenting you the Princess Ericca with Toung’s crown… ^__^

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