in mind there is always a person…..cant forget…..thats the reason i been single for so long…..cant hav a new relationship….am i the man who live in the past or i miss the past too much or maybe i juz havent met the right person…..luv is complicated….sometimes is juz purely luck….wish i could forget the past and start my new life….pls giv me strength….i still dream tat u will b bak but actually u r not…how could i still hav this fantasy? am i mad or crazy or problem wit my mind??? for those couple cherish what u hav now, its been like a phobia for me to get into another relationship, maybe i will be a bachelor for my whole life….lol…meet a person, whom juz purely my customer, but somehow he can juz manage to read by my look….his advice to me dun fell to much in gf n bf stuff….lol tats true but what can i do, i m human, i hav feeling…..feeling is hard to control….i ll try….not to think abt her…bless me……to fight this war, well i think this is my weakest part, a person feeling, no matter normal fren, closed buddy, gf…..well juz felt too deep…..xoxo

elo elo…..the stupid pyy is back again….recently caught a flu, suspected is h1n1 cxz have every symptoms mention on the paper….but never mind i am getting well soon. hate my stupid apple juz keep on underline all my words in red….i know i am a chinaman but my stupid apple also cannot understand malaysian english….whahahaha… life is still like usual…..bc working all da time…..everyday juz work including sat!!!what a sad life…..even see a pretty chick also got no umph to go after everyday juz thinking working after work feel so damn tired, no clubbing no more bar hopping no more strip club no more crazy nite out….miss my college life……so sad man… my best friend is my comp n my xbox…oh ya…..when i was tired i lay on my bed n watch my 42 inch tv when i got bored i play my xbox….when i wanna tok to some1 i go hav a dinner with my old pal….wat a robotic life….hehehe….

wats happening???

sorry for my poor spelling blame the stupid americans cxz they cant spell well and make me too and bcz of those spell checker nobody care about spelling anymore….dont we???seems like ppl arent happy abt their life….lol some ppl enjoy theirs some ppl dont….it depends wats ur requirement abt ur life, what do u want, what do u expect….rite???we do hav choice…oh ya stupid pyy juz working non stop like no tomolo, sunday is my only off day, i work almost full day every single sat, so i got no life edi…everyday sunday juz hang around do nothing and rest only…wahhaha…so a happenning boy became a boring boy…lol so sad….cant complain….get to know all those souless ppl whom think only money but no others…..wat da hell….money is tat all for their whole life…lol but is common in asia wat can i say….we only look at money….we never think of other like dream, achievement, bla bla…everybody juz go after money crap…make u like a slave working for money non stop and nothing beside tat but crap gal wont hop in if u ride a bike, wont marry u if u still renting a room, wont spend rest of the life wit u if got no money in da bank….wat a world we live in????i cant say every1 is like this at least most r like this….cxz i met new ppl everyday so i know

long lost pyy is here….

so wat happen to the pyy….
he is gone wit silence……
nah juz too damn lazy and too many things happened
i would say mostly r sad stuff….
i have not been happy for long long time…..
i also dunno why….
maybe till i get a lambo 1 day then i will b happy
everybody go watch gossip girl, ok i know man like me should not watch such drama, is embarassing, but i m juz crazy wit it….ahaha i dun even know why but i think is good personally, whoever laughing rite now go experience urself…ok before u say anything….lately been changing cellphone like no tomorrow, no phone can stay wit me more than 3 months i dunno why….and i keep throwing my phone whenever i was angry i know is bad but too many things juz happened haiz i hope there will be sunshine after the rain…i miss my schoool life so damn much feel like going back to school but it only happen in my dream….well working life is ok but not tat good…dunno why maybe juz not happening as my student life….do all da crazy thing like no tomolo….heheheh….is good all my old pal r returning to malaysia 1 by 1 is time to catch up with all of them…i m gaining weight maybe i m old edi….dad say i m edi old….wat the hell???

A return from the old folk

Buddies, though no guys miss me at all, ppl juz wonder y I stop posting, hmm…..maybe i m juz lazy….maybe i m bored with blog….too many reasons but too lil actions….ahhaha
Some updates from me, i gonna graduate soon in this December!!!
just broke up with gf
hmm… nothing much then!!!

few months back malaysia embassator in usa and few malaysian goverment guys came to my schoool to have a dinner and talk to promote malaysia. Well, dinner sucks, their presentation suck, their communication skills suck. i think those presentation that i seen in my taylors college or my university are way better than them. They juz simply go over the slides, read through what already on the slides, and thats it. Crap, in the Q&A section, they cant even give a confirm answer!!!! 1 guy says yes, another says no, another says not sure!!! what kind of crap is this?????I am shame of them, they represent the malaysia, they should way prepared than this man!!! Even a college student is better!! I asked them whats the focus of development of malaysia in the future….what we gonna be in the future, a country focus in robot tech like Japan, biotech like Singapore, or finance service like USA? then I only got answer saying we are going to be heavy industrial country, oh this is crap man, in the 90’s Mahathir oledi said this and we failed to do so. And now , this guy cant even answer my question, no wonder all maalysians are so lost with their future. Man, comon!!!ok in the other side, i knew many malaysians oledi lost hope of malaysia since they studied abroad because they experienced the advancement of other country, I just people can remember where you belong, where did you come from, we are not borned to complain but to solve the problems, so when you complaining at the same time, do something when you know there is a problem. alrighty, I m done with 2day, guys thanks for reading!!!

holly shit….malaysia Uni student like nth compare 2 china..

2day dunno y ericca so fierce ask little thing also like chopping me!!!

i juz finish watching a conference from china Beijing Uni….i was like waoh!!! even a music school uni student can have such knowledge in politic and economy…and guess wat she is juz a music school student…..from this moment, i only found out the differences within chinese and malaysian chinese…..eventhough Beijing Uni is the top Uni in china…. hell….i guess 90% of malaysian student dun even hav a rough idea of politic and economy…..b4 this i always feel like i m alien bcz only those uncle , dad and me will discuss politic and economy or even history but finally i found theres ppl out there share the same interest with me….b4 this my fren thought i m juz craping with all these issues…lol……as a result….china goes stronger and malaysia always b the same……cheers….!!!

a long waited blog from pyy

Maybe every1 is wondering where’s the pyy went to since he din post any blog for a long long time, whers the hell is the stupid boy been to? Well, the reason is I have been into my final, moving house, packing my my bags to back to kl, and now I m in kl sitting in 1u coffee bean, listening my blues mp3 and typing this blog…..solli guys…..well maybe no one miss me as well ahahhahha…..when back to my home country I feel so uncomfortable, maybe I juz used to american life, well the weather make me serioiusly irritating……so humid n hot, can’t stand for the first few days, and here are so diff in usa, well my fren ask me if I got a choice will I choose to stay in usa or malaysia, before I came back my answer is kl but after I m back my mind my thoughts has changed, I feel like american life is better, well I think everyone has been into the same situation as I am when they came back from overseas…..well I enjoy meeting my old frens, happy to see that everyone of them is doing fine and they still same as who they are….when I look around, wo I got so shocked, the gals are wearing pretty clothes but the boys still wearing the same clothes 5 yrs before, dunno y the designer din came out some serious pieces for boys…… Recently I found out a singer who is chinese but can really sing well in english songs, the tone, the soul, every voice is so touch, her song juz illustrates the loniless of city dwellers, well this is the main point of jazz…..a song writen to illutrate the loniless and emptiness of city life….tats y suburbs people won’t enjoy listening jazz….. Okey my cappo is finished is time to go …c ya guys, nex blog will be posted within a week…


能与你相爱,我想我这辈子的幸运已经用完了……when i heard this sentence i juz say WAO, it is so perfect, so touch, so pure, from wat i hav seen….when ppl in luv, they alweays thinks for themselves only, the boys or gals dun 1 2 let the other party go juz bcz they feel so sad, mostly in breakup scene, we can hear that the mostly excuse not 2 break up is bcz 我不舍得, well all of this words r juz on behalf of the party how about another…………..i used 2 be tat, so i know tat feelings……….erm……well after been through a very long tough process i only can realize the meaning of luv, something that juz not about owming it, is juz about givin out, u gave ur luv, ur cares, ur happiness 2 another person…………but in da same times, u dun think about getting back something from tat person…….n u r able 2 let her go when she wanted…….well….i personally think tat 暗恋 is such a beautiful….y? bcz u din even think getting something back but juz cherish her, care her……ok well 2night i also dunno y i would say such things…erm maybe juz bcz of tat words lo….ok gonna sleep good9

eyes refreshment!!

I like 2 carry digicam around but lately, i lost my charger so i got 2 use my hp n take all this pics hope u guys like it!!!

this is my fatty classmate!!! is spyshot, so better dun spread out wahahhahha

foggy university

iced tree, like a crystal sculpture

my car just got washed!!!


a vietnamese food, but the eggs r like ………trembling!!!whahahaha

my school golf course
wat do u think about my pic taking skill???isnt tat good??? whahahhaha!!! happi CNY!!!lol