Long Distance Relationship…

I never thought that I would want to get involved in LDR, until I met him… The magic of love told me that we could work it out… And it worked pretty well for 7 months… And then the K session happened, he lost his trust on me… Tragedy finally happened after another month…

It is this bad in LDR, where you can’t see each other you don’t feel secured… Obviously, he was feeling insecured, he didn’t trust me…

If there is a second chance, I will take it for sure, I want to prove to him that I love him with all my heart, I will do anything to make him happy, I will just quit my job and stay with him, so that he can monitor me 24/7 and won’t feel insecured anymore, as long as he is happy…

But, since there is nothing that I can do now, the misunderstandings hurt him that much, but I really hope that he will one day understand that I didn’t cheat or do anything bad behind his back, I want to let him know that I will never hurt him as I am the one who is upset when he is upset…

Now, all I can do is wait for the day that he is willing to talk to me, willing to listen to my explanations, willing to give me a chance to cure his broken heart… Or, I will wait for the day that when he is able to accept me as a friend… I will still want to be his friend again…

My Nightmare…

“双子座VS双鱼座 双子座在感情中是很傻的,双鱼座在感情方面其实是比双子座聪明的,因此一段感情通常都是双子座在努力,因此如果双子座的条件很好就有可能会先闪,如果双子座条件不好的话就会继续留下来努力。 “

Well, finally my sweet dream, my fairy tale love story, my wonderful life, my best moments, my best man are now gone… And I am now awake again in this cruel world…

This time, I have got nothing much to say, I know exactly what’s happening, I know exactly what I have done wrong… And also knowing that it’s the worst ending ever that I have ever expected…

Thanks for being such a lovley baby to me, you are the best man that I have ever met, ever had, that I would really want to have for the rest of my life, spending my whole life with you… But, I don’t deserve you, I am seriously sorry for what I have done to you, the damage that I have caused to you, I really didn’t mean it…

I wish for one day that you will still remember me as the one you loved… I love you my babyangel…


Ever since long long time ago, ever since WJ and H, I had never felt like this until now… The feeling is back… Exactly the same… But the difference is, I think I am no longer suitable for this kinda feeling, I am no longer at that age…



嘿 你在想我嗎 親愛的寶貝 我在想你
嘿 你在想我嗎 親愛的寶貝 我在想你

這份情緣 彷彿等待多年
才能與你相遇 不分離
在星夜裡 只想擁抱著你相喂相依

嘿 你在想我嗎 親愛的寶貝 我在想你
嘿 你在想我嗎 親愛的寶貝 我在想你

屬於你的心 從現在開始

嘿 你在想我嗎 親愛的寶貝 我在想你
嘿 你在想我嗎 親愛的寶貝 我在想你


如果你還愛我 – 光良

我帶著一顆疲憊的心走了 我知道自己在你心裡已不重要
雖然我們曾經相聚過 也許對於你來說

我帶著一顆沉重的心走了 我知道自己沒有勇氣道別離
雖然我們曾經擁有過 但是對於你來說

難道早已註定 不能真正擁有你
難道我真心付出一切 是為了承受孤單和寂寞
我知道你不敢對我坦白 是不要看到我的傷懷
雖然你沒有說要離開我 我已經感到你不再屬於我

如果你還愛我 你不會對我如此的冷漠
如果你還愛我 你不會對我如此的冷漠


想你想得好孤寂 – 邰正宵

從你走後 細雨不停
聽著雨聲 夜夜醒到天明

痛過想過 慢慢看清
外表平靜 是騙你騙自己
用微笑送你 還答應把祝福給你

如果任性 那麼一次把你抱緊

Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh 想你想得好孤寂
我想你想得好痛心 向著遠方喊愛你
一點遲疑 一生的悲凄

生活凌亂 漫無頭緒
想要以往 分秒也不醒


王菲 – 我願意

思念是一種很玄的東西 如影隨行
轉眼 吞沒我在寂寞裡

我無力抗拒 特別是夜裡
恨不能立即 朝你狂奔去

願意為你 我願意為你
我願意為你 忘記我姓名
就算多一秒 停留在你懷裡

我願意為你 我願意為你
我願意為你 被放逐天際
只要你真心 拿愛與我回應
甚麼都願意 甚麼都願意 為你

我願意為你 我願意為你
我願意為你 被放逐天際
只要你真心 拿愛與我回應
甚麼都願意 我甚麼都願意 為你


曾經羨慕那些可以離鄉背景, 不在家里住的人… 想怎樣就怎樣… 沒有被罵被嘮叨的日子… 夜歸或不歸都不是問題… 多爽!

可是, 離開了, 才知道家里真好…

這些日子, 沒有約束, 反而覺得像個孤兒, 原本被煩是很幸福的… 早出晚歸, 或是不見了都沒人知道… 愁吃愁穿愁沒錢…

我, 很想回家…

2個多月,就可以回家啦… 可是, 這會是個對的決定嗎? 會後悔嗎? 會習慣嗎? 會想再回來嗎?



Well, so many weddings lately, so many good news… And now finally there is one that is CLOSELY related to me and one that I will definitely be attending!!

My dearest cousin Teri and Robert are engaged!! Looking forward to their wedding!! My cousin that grew up together with me, been living in the same house for 3 years, I would say my closest cousin, has found her Mr. Right!!


OK, it’s time to lose weight, it’s another chance to get dressed up… =P

And well, I am all ready to answer the question…
“When is yours?”…
“Ask him, not me…”

At Last…

Been thinking and thinking and thinking for more than uncountable times… Should I or should I not… Everytime when I see HER, I think SHE is so cute, but then because I see HER too often, practically everywhere, just because there are so many people who think that SHE is cute too, I then think that SHE is too common…

BUT… After struggling for so long, I decided to get HER, so that I won’t be thinking forever to whether should I or should I not… So that I can concentrate on something else…

After getting HER, I am now somehow released… It’s the feeling like something has been taken off the pending TO-DO list…

Well, I am not sure if I really like HER, or I am really happy that I got her, for some reason, I wasn’t too excited when I went to get HER, it’s sort of like I HAVE TO DO IT…

Anyway, at least I can now proceed to the next TO-DO item on my pending TO-DO list…


還可以怎樣… 有得選嗎?

天有不測之風雲… 有得預料嗎?

報應,發生了… 後悔,太遲了嗎?






亂,思緒混亂… 很亂…!!!!!!




“As simple as ABC”, that’s what Loopy thought the night BEFORE she knew the REAL ABC…

Barcadi 151 was our favourite drink in the clubs, because it has 75.5% alcohol in it, best effect… And if there is no Bacardi 151, we would go for the second choice, the green YUCKY drink, Chartreuse…

But… I guess we prefer ABC now… it’s a shot with 3 of the strong spirits in it… Absinthe + Barcadi 151 + Chartreuse… And please get yourself a glass of ice water if you are not prepared to get a BURNING THROAT…

The quote of the night “Are you sure you are gonna be alive after the shot” by a stranger beside us…

Screw those B52, wet pu$$y, quick fcuk, cowboy… We only need ABC!!!


*PRAYING SO HARD* Please, can someone please come to Tetsuya with me? =(

I really want to go there at least ONCE IN MY LIFETIME!! And especially I am now in AUSTRALIA and how can I miss out the chance to have the Australia’s TOP 1 restaurant?!! And also the WORLD’S TOP 9!!